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Clemson Looks at Futuristic Transit Options

From Mike Eads, McClatchy

June 2 – Unconventional – even overhead – approaches could figure into future solutions to Clemson’s traffic congestion issues.

Clemson city officials expect traffic and parking issues to get worse in coming years. More frequent CAT bus service is a feasible response, judging from recommendations recently made to Mayor J.C. Cook and the city council. Clemson University planners have said satellite parking and traffic changes on campus are likely, too.

Consultant Dan Boyle recently finished a comprehensive look at Clemson Area Transit’s present and its probable future. His firm’s work drew on local focus groups that indicated strong support for more and better public transit.

CAT’s Red Route – which serves much of the outlying student housing popping up around Central and Clemson – figured largely in his recommendations. He told city officials that having buses service stops every 15 minutes rather than every 30 and refiguring routes could eventually grow CAT ridership more than 60 percent – stemming some of the traffic flow on city streets between student apartments and campus.