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Clemson City Looking at CAT’s Future

By Mike Eads, Anderson Independent Mail

May 18 – Cutting the time between stops could yield far more ridership for CAT buses, according to a new report.

Consultant Dan Boyle briefed city council members Wednesday on the study his firm was commissioned to put together for Clemson Area Transit. He said students surveyed said they would ride the bus more and drive less if they could catch buses every 15 minutes, rather than the 30 minutes between stops now common.

CAT moves about 8,400 ridders per day. Boyle said being able to catch a bus every 15 minutes at each stop along the Red Route – which serves Central, the Clemson University campus, and much of Clemson city – could improve that ridership by “60 percent” over a year or two with the proper configuration. He added that changes to other routes would also be needed to better serve the recent boom in student housing construction in and around the city.

More frequent Red Route service would certainly attract other people headed downtown and to campus, Boyle added.