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Bus drivers and fare boxes cannot make change. All U.S. coins and $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills are accepted . The fare boxes will issue a Rider Spare Fare Card for any overpay amount.


Regular Fare: $1.25 per ride
Persons with Disabilities: $.60 per ride*
Senior Citizens/Students/Medicare Card Holders: $.60 per ride*
Children under age 5: Free
Transfer Pass: Free

Bus Passes

Save time with Rider bus passes. Passes and SMART cards can be purchased at the Transit Center.

Day Passes

 1-day  $4
 7-day  $12
 7-day reduced*  $6
 31-day  $40
 31-day reduced*  $20

Day passes are good for unlimited rides during the designated day period. The pass is activated by dropping it into the slot on top of the fare box. The valid dates will be printed on the pass so you’ll know when it expires.

Ride Passes

1-ride $1.25
1-ride reduced* $.60
1-ride (bulk purchase) $1.00 (min. 100)
10-ride $10
10-ride reduced* $5

Ride passes are good for the number of rides designated. The pass is activated by dropping it into the slot on top of the fare box  Rides are deducted each time the pass is used.

SMART Cards are permanent, reloadable fare cards that only need to be held close to or waved over the SMART Card reader target on the fare box. Since SMART Cards use RFID technology, you won’t even have to take your SMART Card out of your purse or wallet to use it— it’s the fastest way to pay to ride!


A Reduced-Fare ID Card is required for all discount rates. Be prepared to show your Reduced-Fare ID Card to receive discount. Qualified individuals— persons with disabilities, senior citizens 65 and older, Medicare card holders (with photo ID), and current students with a valid school ID and proof of enrollment— can obtain a Reduced-Fare ID Card application one of the following ways:

  • Click here for online form in English. Click here for online form in Spanish. (Print and mail completed form to the address at the top of the form or bring the form to the Rider Transit Center Customer Service Office);
  • Visit the Rider Transit Center Customer Service Office at 3600 S. Ridge Avenue, Concord.

Reduced-Fare Bus Passes and the Reduced-Fare ID Cards are non-transferable— the discounted rate is only valid for the person who qualified for the Reduced-Fare ID card. Replacement reduced fare identification cards are $5.

Protect Your Investment

Keep your Rider passes, cards, and IDs in good condition so they can be read by the fare box. Don’t bend them or get them wet, and keep them away from high heat and out of the sun. All pass cards, transfers and IDs are non-transferable, cannot be shared, and are non-refundable. Misuse of Rider fare media may result in your pass being deactivated.

How much does an ADA Paratransit trip cost?

Federal regulations allow the fare for ADA Paratransit to be as much as twice the cost of riding the fixed-route bus service. Currently the cost to ride on Rider Transit’s ADA Paratransit is $2.00 each way (regular Rider Transit fares are $1.25).

Transfer Passes: Free

A free Transfer Card is issued when more than one bus route is required to get you to your destination. If you need to transfer, let the operator know when you board the bus and a Transfer Card will be issued by the fare box. The Transfer Card is valid for the next connecting bus only, and expires 85 minutes from the time it is issued. Transfers cannot be used on the bus from which they were issued. The expiration time is printed on the Transfer Card. When you board your connecting bus, simply drop the Transfer Card in the slot. If the Transfer Card has expired, the fare box will beep and alert you right away.

Passes and SMART Cards can be purchased at the Transit Center.

All U.S. coins and $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills are accepted. The electronic fare boxes accept and count your money quickly, whether you use coins or bills. Just drop your coins in the coin slot or slide your bill into the bill slot, and let the fare box do the rest. The passenger display on the front of the fare box makes it easy to count out coins. Foreign coins or bills, damaged coins and folded or torn bills are not accepted. Operators and fare boxes cannot make change; however, the fare boxes will issue a Rider Spare Fare Card for the overpay amount. This card can be used on future rides.